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Shoe Bag

​Seaforth Shoe bags are great for protecting your expensive golf shoes during storage or transportation. 

This oversized shoe bag is made of waterproof nylon and lined with sherpa style fleece.  It has a draw string closure and is just what your best golf shoes require to keep them from getting scuffed up in your locker or in the trunk of your car.
Our shoe bag can be embroidered or silkscreened and makes a great tournament gift.

Available in black only.

Shoe Bag    $24.99 U.S. Funds   

​Yardage Book Covers

One of the Caddies’ and Pros’ best friends is the yardage book.  Yardage books are not only expensive but invaluable in mapping out a great round of golf.

Our waterproof nylon Seaforth yardage book covers are designed to fit tour size yardage books.  Many pros keep their yardage books protected from rain and perspiration with a Seaforth cover.   Golfers use the Seaforth yardage book cover to keep scorecards dry too!
They can be embroidered or silkscreened and make a great tournament gift.

Yardage Book Covers $5.99 U.S Funds 

Valuables Pouch 

The Seaforth Valuables Pouch keeps watches, money clips, and jewelry all in one place and well protected from damage.  The fleece lined waterproof nylon pouch closes with a drawstring and stashes easily in your golf bag pouch where you know your treasures will be safe until your round is over.

​​Available in black only. 

Valuables Pouch   $12.99 U.S. Funds